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Title Establishing a Qualitative Data Archive in Austria
Source IASSIST Quarterly, 34 (3 & 4), 35, (1 & 2), pp. 30-35
Year 2010
Access date 28.01.2012

This paper presents the work of the Wiener Institute for Social Science Data Documentation and Methods (WISDOM). Since 2008 WISDOM, the national quantitative data archive, has endeavoured to set up an archive for qualitative data. A feasibility study was conducted to evaluate the number and condition of available datasets. Moreover, researchers were surveyed about their willingness to deposit and use archived data. This study as well as a following project, aimed at transferring data from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Vienna to the archive, show that researchers have serious concerns about sharing and archiving data. Ethical and methodological questions were raised. In addition, obstacles such as time-consuming data preparation and the agreement of funding agencies were mentioned. Since there exists neither an archiving policy in Austria that obliges researchers to deposit their data in a repository nor a culture of data sharing, we are confronted with many obstacles that have to be overcome. Our successes and challenges in starting a qualitative archive shall be
described here in greater detail.

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Year of publication2010
Bibliographic typeJournal article