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Title Web Survey Process within the Concept of eSocial Sciences
Year 2011
Access date 22.04.2012

PPT presentation


First, general trends in scientific field of web survey methodology are discussed, based on 15 years of WebSM bibliography tracking. Further to that, the key contemporary research challenges are overviewed. The main focus, however, would be nesting of the web survey process into broader framework of eSocial Science. There, entire research process - from conceptualizing and empirical research to analysis and dissemination - is integrated and supported with ICT. Here, a special attention is given to the transformation of survey research component, where so far (surprisingly) limited parts of this process have been fully transformed on-line. At this point, the level of integration and digitalization of specific stages of the research process is elaborated and discussed. Various examples from international survey research are given as illustration.
Finally, the results of an experiment are shown, where full web support to questionnaire development process was compared with more usual process, where (1) questionnaire starts in some text processor format (i.e. Word), (2) versions (early ones only or even all, up to final one) of the questionnaires are exchanged and discussed by email or by some on-line platform comment system (e.g. forum) and (3) some generic external tools are used for versioning, e.g. usual website, sharepoint, dropbox, googledoc.

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Year of publication2011
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