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Title A Demonstration of a Multi-Platform Mobile Survey Application: SurveyPulseTM, by RTI International
Year 2012
Access date 28.06.2012

The landscape of survey research is changing drastically as a result of advances in mobile technologies and increased accessibility. As Smartphone coverage in the U.S. nears 35%, and associated technologies become increasingly powerful, some predict Smartphones will be able to perform many of the functions of current desktop computers and laptops, leading to more people accessing the internet on mobile devices than on desktop PCs1. As such, it is only reasonable to expect that capturing data via mobile surveys will be an important task the survey research industry must face in the near future. Smartphone survey applications have the potential to offer a robust set of features to researchers: instant location data, multimedia access including video and the use of a still camera, and better respondent communication tools such as push notifications, email and SMS (text). Currently there are many paid survey that collect information via SMS and mobile web browsers. However, application based offerings allowing users to enter and submit responses to questions in a customized survey application are less prevalent. This demonstration introduces SurveyPulseTM, by RTI International. SurveyPulseTM enables delivery of surveys to users of multiple mobile devices, including tablets that utilize various platforms and operating systems (Android, iOS, OSX, Windows, Mac, RIM), allowing data to be collected in real time. The app can be used to collect data from a panel of users where surveys are pushed to users’ devices based on certain selection criteria, or distributed to respondents on a study by study, client by client basis. User engagement can be maintained through the sharing of real-time results and aggregate, top-level statistics. In addition, users can be notified about new and still to be completed surveys automatically, contributing to more representative data, higher response rates and lower operational costs.

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Year of publication2012
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Web survey bibliography - The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 67th Annual Conference, 2012 (50)