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Title Some Thoughts on a Framework for Statistical Inference from Nonprobability Samples
Author Santos, R.
Year 2012
Access date 30.06.2012

The survey industry in the U.S. is facing a significant challenge. High levels of non-response and noncoverage impugn the integrity of statistical inferences from probability samples without heavy reliance on model based adjustments. Advances in technology and internet access have lead to the development of quasi-probability and nonprobability web panels survey products. Smartphone and social media based survey applications are emerging. Sampling statisticians trained in classical finite population sampling theory (CFPS) are often skeptical of the validity of statistical inference from nonprobablity samples. This presentation is strictly a thought piece. It explains how probability samples invoke CFPS theory to generate valid statistical inference. It uses that to motivate and contrast a framework for making inferences with nonprobability samples. An empirical pathway is proposed as well as components and necessary conditions. In a sense, the pathway addresses the question: "How and when might one expect that their nonprobability sample can provide valid inferences?"

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Year of publication2012
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations