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Title Architectural Design of a Survey Questionnaire and Respondent Data Repository. Practical Considerations
Source ASC 2005: Survey Research Methodology: Maximising Data Value
Year 2005
Access date 22.10.2012

This paper will examine the practical requirements for the technical design of a survey questionnaire and respondent data repository capable of efficiently storing, retrieving, and analyzing survey questionnaire and respondent data, and explain the application of the system for facilitating crosswave and cross-study data analysis of market research survey results. The design leverages the capabilities of modern database systems such as Microsoft SQL Server 2005, that provide native support for the storage and query of XML documents. Combining the QEDML standard (an XML based document standard for encoding survey questionnaires), with conventional storage of respondent data in relational data tables; it is possible to build a system capable of reporting on survey questionnaire datasets across multiple research studies and data sources using commercially available database reporting tools. This design will be described in the context of creating a complete (end-to-end) survey automation system, spanning survey questionnaire development, through survey deployment, data collection, aggregation with historic data sets, and analysis/reporting.

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Year of publication2005
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations