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Title Adding Value to Data Through Improved Access. The Case for Web Portals
Source ASC 2005: Survey Research Methodology: Maximising Data Value
Year 2005
Access date 22.10.2012

With the increasingly widespread use of the Internet has come a host of new opportunities to leverage the value of survey data. By creating broader access and disseminating easy-to-use analytical tools we not only can make more data available to a broader set of users, we also can minimize the barriers that might exist among the discrete activities of data collection, data analysis, report development, and delivery. One prime example in the market research world is the deployment of Web portals designed to deliver data more quickly, to increase the value of those data by making them easier to analyze, to deliver data and results deeper into the client’s organization, and to retain historical data for future analyses in an online archive. This paper describes a case study in the development and evolution of one such portal from an online document store to survey progress tracker to analysis and reporting platform to data archive. It also looks to the future and speculates on the kinds of features we might
expect as these systems increase in complexity and sophistication.

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Year of publication2005
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations