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Title The Effect of Reminder Intervals on Response Rates for Web Surveys
Source The ASC's 5th International Conference, 2007: The Challenges of a Changing World: Developments in the Survey Process
Year 2007
Access date 22.10.2012

The University of Aberdeen has used questionnaire design software for a number of years to produce both paper and web based surveys. The number and frequency of web based surveys to staff and students increases with every year, some are for research purposes while others are to audit the facilities and services of the University. The view for web based surveys on reminders has always been the same as for paper ones; namely that there should be at least a week between each of the two reminders and that the survey closure should be another week after that. Examination of the pattern of responses to a number of web based surveys indicated that the majority of responses are within 36 hours of the initial invitation, or a reminder, which indicates that people will respond immediately or not at all. The latest release of the software used provides the opportunity to automate invitations and reminders, with reminders only sent to those who had not finished the survey. It was decided to test whether shorter reminder intervals would enable surveys to be conducted over shorter periods of time without affecting response rates.

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Year of publication2007
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations