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Title Ignoring the compatibility of online questionnaires may bias the psychological composition of your sample
Author Funke, F.
Year 2011
Access date 30.11.2012

In contrast to local research in the laboratory, in Web-based research there is always a considerable amount of variation in the setup of respondents’ hardware and software like operating
system (OS) or Web browser. Optimizing online questionnaires only for certain browsers raises the risk of loosing respondents. There is even evidence that break-off caused by the inappropriate use of technology can result in a biased sample composition. Buchanan & Reips (2001) found that users of JavaScript were less educated in comparison to those who turned JavaScript off.
Furthermore, in a personality test respondents using computers running Mac OS scored higher in the dimension openness to experience in comparison to respondents using Windows OS. The
study presented focuses on the question if these differences are still up to date ten years later with a sample of experienced Internet users.

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Year of publication2011
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Web survey bibliography - 5th Internet Survey Metodology Workshop 2011 (16)