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Title Globalpark Annual Market Research Software Survey 2009
Source meaning ltd
Year 2010
Access date 23.01.2013


In 2009 we introduced some new questions about mobile research and communities.  These reveal the MR industry is split over the merits of self-completion mobile-based research, with 45% seeing it as viable 48% only seeing it as close to becoming viable (and not really viable at present) with a further 7% never expecting it to be viable (chart to left). It is also very striking, that large companies have a far more optimistic opinion about the viability of mobile research. Our questions on communities also proved to be interesting. For example, we learnt that only one in six research firms was operating a community in 2009, and those that do are operating very few communities. Over the years, our tracker questions have revealed some interesting trends. For example, we ask respondents whether they use an integrated platform for their multimode research or whether they switch between modes (chart to right). We first asked this question in 2006 and since then we have detected a gradual but consistent trend to wards integrated platforms. In another question we found that nearly all respondents (84%) thought that multimode data collection was either essential, very important or moderately important when choosing a new data collection tool. Software developers, please take note!


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