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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Askito: An open source
 Web questionnaire tool
Year 2013
Access date 15.02.2013

Web questionnaires are the most frequently used type of data collection method in Internet-based research. With Askito ( we propose a tool to create Web questionnaires that fulfills the criteria of being usable, non-commercial, AJAX-based, and open source. Askito currently offers seven basic question types, among them several ones that are hard to find in any other online questionnaire tool: Sorting of terms via drag and drop, Semantic Choice displays popups with verbal descriptions on a scale, and with Assignment items can be dragged and dropped to fields in categorization tasks.

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Universität Zürich Homepage (abstract)

Year of publication2013
Bibliographic typeReports, seminars

Web survey bibliography - Reips, U.-D. (41)