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Title Online Survey – Research with children on advertising impact
Year 2013
Access date 26.03.2013

Relevance & Research Question:
Children and adolescents are increasingly gaining in importance as customers as well as addressees of advertising. According to this, adapted research methods are important to measure the impact of advertising on this special young target group. The methods and indicators used for adults cannot be transferred to surveys with children without further ado. Instead, they have to be adjusted to their particular needs.
Methods & Data:
In the context of a research project students of the University of Applied Sciences Cologne developed an instrument, which facilitates measuring the advertising impact on children between 8 and 14 reliably via online survey. The first step of the multi-stage research process was a qualitative preliminary study to gain general insights on the perception of advertising and brands. Based on those results it was possible to design an online questionnaire that enables standardized and continuous surveys as well as flexible modification or extension regarding specific research questions. Last but not least the instrument's suitability was verified during a pretest within an online panel for families. In total 244 persons participated in the pretest.
The qualitative preliminary study revealed some of the target group's specific characteristics. It is especially to be emphasized that the perception, reminiscence and evaluation of advertisements are highly dependent on their thematic relevance for children and adolescents. Furthermore, some prerequisites have to be considered when using specific terms such as "brand".
The pretest's analysis showed that the developed online instrument is suited to supply valid data and results regarding the impact of advertising. The examination of metadata revealed, among other things, comparatively low dropout rates, which confirms the questionnaire's understandability and usability.
Added Value:
So far comparably little attention is being paid to research with children and adolescents on the impact of advertising. There are no generally accepted methods or indicators which are specifically adapted for that target group. The developed instrument and the knowledge gained beforehand facilitate an age-based survey, thus making it possible to successfully measure the advertising impact online.

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Year of publication2013
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