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Title Seducing the respondent – how to optimise invitations in on-site online research?
Author Póltorak, M., Kowalski, J.
Year 2013
Access date 27.03.2013

Relevance & Research Question
One of the biggest challenges in online research is reaching an adequate sample and encouraging people to enter the survey. The only way to do this when using on-site recruitment is to prepare attractive and persuasive invitation. The conditions which should be met by such invitation are: being easy to display, being suitable for the target population and being distinguishable from clutter of marketing communication (i.e. commercials). The question is: what particular techniques and elements work best in terms of increasing the chance of involving respondents? Which of them should be recommended?
Methods & Data
In a series of four on-site experiments we explore the significance of various factors on invitation effectiveness: invitation type, layout and text content. The analyzed indicators are: display efficiency, invitation response rate, total response rate, time passing between invitation display and impression of the first page of the survey, profile of respondents who filled in the whole questionnaire. The average number of impressions in each experiment will amount approximately 200 thousand, with at least a few thousand of impressions of each particular experimental version.
The data obtained allows us to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of various invitation type (shape, size, creative format), layout (various backgrounds, functional buttons order and colors, human and objects stimuli and their different versions) and content (formulation of the text part of the invitation).
Added Value
Participants of the conference will get knowledge regarding strong and weak sides of particulars techniques applicable in on-site invitation. Good practices in the subject will be emphasized.

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Year of publication2013
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