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Title Category ratings and the relational character of judgment
Source Modern issues in perception, pp. 262-82
Year 1983
Access date 17.04.2013

Category ratings express the relational character of judgment, communicating the place of each stimulus in a context of related stimuli. Rating scales reflect two basic tendencies of judgment: (1) categories divide the subjective rang into equal subranges, and (2) the same number of contextual stimuli are repre-sented by each category. The rating scale can be predicted from a simple weighted average of range and frequence values, and the overall mean of the ratings can be predicted from the skewing of the contextual values. However, even in psychophysical experiments, the subjective range may extend beyond the end values of the stimulus series. Various rating-scale phenomena provide examples of the relational character of judgment.

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Year of publication1981-1985
Bibliographic typeBook section

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