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Title Improving the quality of complex surveys: The case of the EU Labour Force Survey
Year 2012
Access date 20.04.2013

Currently, Eurostat and Member States are in the process of modernising the LFS making it fit for the next decade: LFS 2.0. The challenge is to be able to expand the quantity and improve the quality of the LFS output with increased efficiency in collecting and processing data. This is accomplished by applying modern computer-assisted data collection methods. Several initiatives are carried out in parallel. Furthermore, task forces were set up on specific elements of the LFS system, like assessing the quality of the LFS, harmonising the measurement of ILO Labour status and reviewing the system of ad hoc modules. And finally, an ESSnet project started on data collection for social surveys using multiple modes to facilitate web based data collection using the LFS as the pilot survey. In this paper a sketch is given of how a LFS 2.0 will look like, what the main quality improvements are and how it fits in the EU vision on the production of statistics. It is argued that computer assisted data collection with effective designs is required using an architecture of modularity.

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Year of publication2012
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations