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Web Survey Bibliography

Title From mixed-mode to multiple devices. Web surveys, smartphone surveys and apps: has the respondent gone ahead of us in answering surveys?
Source International Journal of Market Research, 55, 2, pp. 317-320
Year 2013
Access date 25.04.2013

The article focuses on web survey methodology in light of the increased use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers that are capable of browsing the Internet. The article states web surveys that were designed for desktop or laptap computer users and have not been optimized for multiple devices can impact the data quality in online quantitative research. The article notes research on web surveys, mobile survey respondents, and survey design. Usability guidelines for designing questionnaires are noted. The advantages and disadvantages of surveys based on apps (application software) are mentioned.

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Year of publication2013
Bibliographic typeJournal article
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