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Title Report on feeling thermometer for "moderates"
Year 1992
Access date 09.05.2013
Brady discusses the feeling thermometer measure for "Moderates" included in the 1991 Pilot Study. He finds that the distribution of responses to the Moderate feeling
thermometer is somewhat more skewed to the middle point than comparable Liberal and Conservative feeling thermometers. Brady argues that this result is not
surprising because moderates are the "middle" political group. Brady also finds some evidence for the kind of single-peakedness in thermometer ratings predicted by
ideal point models of voting and political cognition -- at least among those well informed or interested in politics. Brady concludes his report by identifying so me apparent
anomalies in the data which merit further study. For example, the highest Moderate thermometer ratings were given by those respondents who are moderately liberal.
Year of publication1992
Bibliographic typeReports, seminars
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