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Title Effective e-incentive for Online Study: Comparing Branded e-Gift Card and Virtual Cash Card
Year 2013
Access date 29.05.2013

Given the continued growth of young adults with Internet access, the incentive method should complement the survey mode especially online studies for repeated measures. Past empirical
research examined potential online incentive methods such as vouchers, lotteries or donations, eGift card, or virtual incentive and studied their effect on response rates. In an effort to gain
greater cooperation among the hard to reach cohorts (e.g., in particular young adults), Nielsen will administer an online study using a Web-based application to collect media consumption
behavior. The research objectives are two-fold: 1) to test the effectiveness of incentive methods (choice vs. no-choice) and 2) e-incentive options (branded e-gift card incentive vs. virtual cash
card incentive). The address-based sample will be randomly assigned to three conditions: branded eGift card (i.e., Gift Card), virtual cash Visa card, or respondent can choose any one of the two options listed above. The qualified respondent in the household will be asked to participate in the one-week online study. This research paper will evaluate cooperation rate by key demographic characteristics and compliance during the data collection period for each incentive condition. The research findings will advance the body of knowledge on the most effective incentive method and option to gain cooperation of the hard-to-reachcohort in the digital age of online usage.

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Year of publication2013
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