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Title Self-Reported Participation in Research Practices Among Survey Methodology Researchers
Year 2013
Access date 31.05.2013

In recent years, the issues of accountability, transparency and ethical conduct in scientific research have received widespread media attention. However, the ethical “grey-zone” of research practices is widely exploited, as demonstrated in John et al.’s (2012) report that more than 63% of investigators admitted they had failed to report all of a study’s dependent measures in a published paper and over 45% admitted that in a paper they had 'selectively reported studies that 'worked'.' We do not know of any published studies in the area of survey methodology that quantify how often researchers employ various research methodologies or the implications of their use, when conducting research about survey methods. In order to assess the use of and beliefs about various research methodologies and practices that may be utilized while conducting survey methodology research, 483 men and women, identified through systematic Web searches as survey  researchers, were invited to participate in a Web survey. The survey included 14 items assessing demographic variables, 10 items related to use of and belief about methodological designs used in survey methodology research and 15 items on beliefs about ethical conduct of research. Results will be discussed in terms of the potential ethical implications and the American Association for Public Opinion Research’s commitment to transparent survey research methodologies.

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Year of publication2013
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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