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Title A Multi-Survey, Multi-Methodological Assessment of Perception of Need and Quality of Life: Opinion Polling for the Common Good
Author Levy, D.,
Year 2013
Access date 31.05.2013

While public opinion polling is central to pre-election analysis, the sustainability of our craft may hinge on the degree to which we contribute to ongoing efforts to promote and enhance the common good. Locally, it may matter more to citizens to garner a clear understanding of shared need than what the projected vote totals may be in the next election. This paper discusses a methodological triangulation study measuring the perception of need in one northeastern county that includes a major urban center as well as variation in respondent quality of life and a ranking of governmental services. We conducted three surveys, two RDD with cells of the general public and one via mail/phone and Web from among service providers across non-profits, educators, public officials and clergy. Survey questions included multiple quality of life indicators, perceptions of need across multiple areas, and opinion questions pertaining to root causes of enduring societal problems and appropriate collective future directions. Data from the three surveys – 623 respondents to the Quality of Life survey, 1306 to the Community Needs Assessment and 391 to the multi-methodological service provider survey – were analytically merged with available secondary data and presented to the public through not only a report but also through publication in a local newspaper and a video on YouTube but also in three well-advertised public forums attended by over 200 residents. Using multiple surveys and methods, the variation in the public’s perception of life in the county, the impact on some of their social location and the quality of local services was measured and reported to officials, service providers and the public. By making the data available in multiple forms and actively inviting comment and interactive discussion, the research stimulated collective response including the formation of an information and capacity sharing cooperative among local non-profits.

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Year of publication2013
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations