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Title Error Prevention through Interviewer Emulation? Introducing questionnaire dialogues in the Norwegian LFS questionnaire
Year 2013
Access date 04.07.2013

In recent years, different attempts have been made at emulating dialogue features from interviewer administered modes in web modes. This is partly inspired by grounding theory, which stresses that a common understanding of key concepts is a premise for a functioning conversation. The interview is regarded as a conversational and collaborative effort rather than as rigidly standardized script.
The Norwegian Labour Force Survey is currently a CATI only survey. Qualitative tests show that for certain groups of respondents, interviewers utilize conversational interviewing and provide different types of clarifying information and calculations, to obtain valid responses.
Within the framework of the ESSnet project Data Collection for Social Surveys using Multiple Methods (DCSS), Statistics Norway is making a CAWI questionnaire for the Labour Force Survey, to be user tested in the spring of 2013. In an effort to prevent mode effects, we will introduce interviewer-emulating dialogue: Clarifying information on key concepts will be available through hyperlinks. "Don't know" responses will trigger a probe asking what made the question difficult to answer, followed by help targeting that/those problem(s). Calculators for contracted and actual working hours, tailored to different working time arrangements, will be offered.
The paper will present results from cognitive and usability tests on different devices ranging from PCs to mobile phones, including eye tracking. The paper will also present results from a small-scale pilot survey, on how the dialogue/help features were used. In conclusion, the paper will discuss how the questionnaire should be developed further.

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