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Title Mobility and Smartphones: a pilot study of travel data collection among experienced and inexperienced users
Year 2013
Access date 05.07.2013

The understanding of mobility is usually based on travel surveys where only one day is surveyed for each respondent. Current technology allows travel data to be collected for a longer period and in a more user-friendly way. An application is developed which uses smartphones to collect travel information and list this in the interface of the app. Respondents adjust their travel information on a regular basis during one month via an online portal, which has an online survey look-and-feel. To compare this with former travel surveys, respondents complete online a one-day displacements-diary.
CentERdata, a research institute associated with Tilburg University, and University of Twente have jointly started to collect travel data using smartphones. CentERdata is the operator of the LISS panel; an online panel based on a true probability sample of households. For the pilot study we were especially interested in the suitability of smartphones for this purpose, user experiences, and performance of the app. We selected 20 smartphone-owners and 30 respondents without a smartphone. The latter were provided with an Android smartphone with the app already installed on it. Smartphone-owners could download the app.
The paper will present the feasibility for respondents to participate in a travel study by means of a combination of online surveys and smartphones. In particular, we look at differences in self-reported and registered travel information, frequency of adjustments on the online portal, and user experiences for this type of data collection method.

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Year of publication2013
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