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Title The Effect Of A Simultaneous Mixed-Mode (Mail And Web) Survey On Respondent Characteristics And Survey Responses
Year 2005
Access date 23.07.2013
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A random sample of 3000 members of the New Zealand public were assigned to either a mail survey (1000), or a mixed-mode (mail/ Web) survey (2000) where respondents were contacted via mail and invited to either take part in a Web survey, or request a questionnaire and respond by mail. The mixed mode approach produced a slower response and a much lower overall response rate than the mail survey, and elicited only a small proportion of responses via the Web. The Web respondents to the mixed-mode survey were highly biased with respect to age, income, innovativeness, opinion leadership, opinion seeking, ownership of new technology and use of the Web. While this bias can be compensated for if non-Web responders are invited to participate in a mail survey, these results provide little support for using a simultaneous mixed-mode approach rather than a conventional mail survey for surveys of the general public. Unless there is a compelling reason for using the Web mode, it may be better to simply conduct the whole survey by mail. However, if the research requires a sample of “innovators”,  then using an initial sample of the general public drawn from the electoral rolls and making initial contact via mail would appear to be an efficient means of recruitment. The mail response option could then be omitted.

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