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Title Electronic Voting Machines – A comparison applying the principles of computer-human interaction and computer-assisted questionnaires design
Year 2003
Access date 11.09.2013
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An electronic voting machine can be seen as a computer assisted self-interviewing device (CASI). With the electronic voting machine, the process of voting becomes interactive. Each machine provides feedback for blank ballots and undervoting; avoid selecting more choices than the maximum selection available, and allows going back to the previous screen in order to review or modify the vote. Other machines can offer the possibility to increase the font for visually impaired voters and to plug an earphone, transforming the device to an Audio CASI system. In the paper, nineteen different DRE systems are evaluated and voting simulated for four of them using vendors' demo websites. (on four of them, it was possible to simulate a vote using the vendors' demo website.) The results of the analysis, under the light of the questionnaire design and the human-computer interaction literature, provide indication of possible usability problems and misleading feedback.

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Year of publication2003
Bibliographic typeConference proceedings