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Title Should the third reminder be sent? The role of survey response timing on web survey results
Source International Journal of Market Research, 55, 5, pp. 651-674
Year 2013
Access date 08.11.2013

Decreasing survey response rates are a growing concern as survey estimates may be biased by selective non-response. One method of assessing non-response bias is to examine the timing of survey response, specifically comparing those who respond late to a survey with those who respond early. This paper draws upon data obtained from multiple panel surveys conducted over a six-month period, and examines whether early, intermediate and late respondents differ significantly in demographics or in their responses to survey questions. By considering response timing as a repeated behaviour, or habit, spanning multiple surveys, a longitudinal measure of response timing is developed to identify the predictors of responding early to multiple surveys conducted over a period of time. Results indicate some directional differences in demographics and better data quality from early respondents, compared to their intermediate and late counterparts. We discuss the findings from the study and conclude with recommendations for future research.

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Year of publication2013
Bibliographic typeJournal article