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Title Does Internet Use Improve Surveys?: Studies of Costs, Response Rates and Coverage.
Year 2013
Access date 18.02.2014

Survey response rates have been decreasing both when using mail and telephone as the contact mode over the past 20 years. As response rates have decreased using these modes, methodologists have incorporated new approaches such as the Internet to collect survey data. Some research data exist on the strengths and weaknesses of incorporating the Internet into surveys, but further research is needed to investigate the cost-effectiveness of this survey mode. A number of studies have been conducted in Oregon over the past 6 years to explore the costs and benefits of telephone, mail, and mixed mode surveys. The mixed modes in these studies consisted of combining mail and the Internet to collect survey data. One mixed mode approach gave the participants the option to complete the survey by either mail or the Internet. Another mixed mode approach asked participants to complete the survey by the Internet first, and followed up by mailing printed surveys to the nonrespondents. We will examine response rates and coverage error across the mixed modes and single mail mode groups. We will compare the demographics of the completed sample in the mixed mode and single mode groups to the population demographics. The Internet is attractive to use since there are no postage and printing charges and data entry time is minimized. However, other costs are introduced, such as labor associated with Web programming. We will therefore also compare the cost per completed survey across the survey modes.

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Year of publication2013
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