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Title Advantages of a global multimodal print & digital readership survey
Year 2013
Access date 08.03.2014
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Since 2012, the French advertising market has benefitted from the results of the new National Readership Survey called ONE, acclaimed for combining all press categories (magazines, national, regional and free dailies, as well as regional weeklies) within the framework of a single survey using a single methodology. The methodology innovations of this new survey were presented in October 2011 at the Print & Digital Research Forum in San Francisco. At that time, the first wave of research was still underway and we did not have complete and final results. This paper is therefore a continuation of the previous one, but at the same time demonstrating the impact of real life situations on results and the evolving needs of agencies, advertisers and publishers. Most importantly, it analyses digital changes and the impact of all devices, including smartphones and tablets, on readership measurements. Confronting real life data has enabled us to further validate a survey that has been recognised by all the main actors of the French media market. This work could not have been done without the expertise of our various partners: Ipsos MediaCT (leading research company), TNS Sofres (joint fieldwork partner) and the CESP, the “French JIC” who, as a trusted third party, monitored, challenged and initiated a number of methodology changes with AudiPresse. Our aim, therefore, is to present in a matter-of-fact way, the impact of methodology changes (such as online readership data collection) and how they affect the actual implementation of surveys and readership measurements. We will conclude with the challenging issue of digital readership measurement and how we intend to merge our results with other recognised internet and mobile data.

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