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Title Different approaches to measure ego-centered social support networks: a meta-analysis
Source Quality and Quantity, 47, 6, pp. 3435-3455
Year 2013
Database SpringerLink
Access date 13.03.2014

Survey indicators of social networks usually measure a certain function of social networks, for example exchange of social support. Social support is a multidimensional construct. The most comprehensive definition distinguishes among sources of social support (social support networks), supportive acts and appraisal of given support. Generally, two main hypotheses can be given with regard to the role social support plays in quality of life of individuals: that social support is beneficial as such (main effects), or that social support is beneficial at occasions of stressful events (buffer effect). In this paper we are dealing with survey measurement of ego-centered social support networks. Three methods to social network measurement are compared: the name generator method, the role generator method and the event-related approach. In a meta-analysis of several studies done on convenient quota samples the effects of method, type of calculation, response format and limitation of support providers on network composition indicators are studied.

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Year of publication2013
Bibliographic typeJournal article