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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Nonresponse in Web Surveys
Year 1999
Access date 28.03.2014

Nonresponse and noncoverage are the most critical features of Web surveys, particularly when targeting the general population. Frequently, in fact, just a few percents of target population have a nonzero probability for the inclusion into the sample. In addition, the response rates are often extremely low. The Web surveys thus radically increase the gap between the art of designing useful survey and the scientific approach to sample surveys. This presents, no doubt, an additional challenge to the survey profession and particularly to its standards

For proper discussion, however, the nonresponse problems in Web surveys must be decomposed into three components: the Web survey mode, the related selection/solicitation procedures, and the specific technological limitations that may accompany this survey mode.

The authors present an overview of the research on nonresponse in Web surveys. In particular, they discuss the framework for participation in Web surveys, the role of selection procedures, the impact of technological limitations, and the importance of the design features of Web questionnaires. Also addressed are the specifics of the so-called validation problem.

Year of publication1999
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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