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Title Innovation for television research - online surveys via HbbTV. A new technology with fantastic opportunities!
Author Herche, J., Adler, M.
Year 2014
Access date 29.03.2014

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Since the last three years TV-sets are increasingly connectable to the internet. In 2013 11% of German households had a connectable TV-set an over 50% are actually connected to the internet. Apart from various manufacturer-SmartTV-portals the standard for hybrid broadcast broadband TV (HbbTV) has the unique ability to add interactive services to the broadcasted tv-programm, such as EPG, online-video, games, additional content, interactive advertisement etc.
The first questions from a tv-broadcaster perspective are: What is the target group of such interactive services? Do HbbTV advertising campaigns have an impact on brand awareness and recognition?
From a market researcher perspective the main questions are: How can we use a SmartTV-Set with a standard-remote control to run online surveys? What kind of media and market research topics can be examined? Is it possible to measure advertisement contacts and use this information in the survey data?
Methods & Data:
The Rogator survey software G3plus was adapted to meet CE-HTML and XML specifications to enable online interviews under the HbbTV standard using only the standard TV remote control with arrow-keys and OK-button. Users were invited through a survey-button on the HbbTV start bar of four German tv stations. n = 623 finished interviews were generated within 11 days. Contacts with HbbTV campaign banners and a microsite were measured with cookies and transferred to the survey server during the interviews. The survey data was exported to and analyzed with SPSS.
On the first testing surveys, demographic information about users was gathered successfully with this new approach, as well as usage patterns and desired services. On the actual case we could clearly show the advertising effect of an HbbTV-campaign distinguishing between banner contacts and microsite visits. Along the way we could prove the road capability of HbbTV online surveys.
Added Value:
Using HbbTV for online surveys offers a completely new and seamless way to examine any media and advertising topics related to TV consumption. Any research can be done without time gaps or media breaks, usually occurring with CATI-interviews or online surveys.

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Year of publication2014
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