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Title Students First Choice – the influence of mobile mode on results
Author Maxl, E.
Year 2014
Access date 29.03.2014

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Relevance & Research Question: "Students First Choice“ is a study about the job plans and attitudes of students on behalf of Career Services Austria, the umbrella-organisation of the 10 main Austrian universities. Research questions are concerning preferred entry into profession e.g. directly or as trainee, in which area students want to work, personal chances to get an appropriate job within 3 months after finishing study, which employers are preferred and which are disliked. In addition images of these employers are examined e.g. good vs. bad work-life balance and innovative vs. old-fashioned. Purpose of this presentation is to show results of this major study from the methodological perspective regarding mobile vs. PC participation. More and more participants are completing their surveys via mobile devices. This is to compare subsamples of both completion groups regarding meta-data and answering-behaviour.
Methods & Data: The study was conducted in spring 2013, n=7.614 students from 10 Austrian universities took part in an online-survey.
Results: Results will be analysed regarding differences or similarities of data between mobile mode and PC-mode of completion the survey. In addition meta-data will be given about mobile completion of survey e.g. kind of mobile devices, duration of completion and drop-off rates.
Added Value: Since the study comprises a big sample and the target-group is young, and therefore mobile-minded, interpretations can be done about mobile completion of surveys in contrast to established mode.

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Year of publication2014
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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