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Title Measurement Effects of Survey Mode on the Equivalence of Attitudinal Rating Scale Questions
Source Sociological Methods & Research, 42, 3, pp. 227-263
Year 2013
Access date 04.04.2014

This study applies ordinal confirmatory factor analysis for multiple groups to assess equivalence of scale, random errors and systematic (nonrandom) errors of attitudinal questions surveyed on rating scales under different survey modes (Face-to-Face [F2F], Telephone, Paper, and Web). Empirical findings from a large-scale experiment are presented. Consistent with theoretical expectations, interviewer- and self-administered surveys measured all assessed questions on systematically different scales, with different systematic bias, and with differing extents of random error. These measurement effects were absent when comparing Paper with Web or F2F with Telephone. It is concluded that modes impact primarily systematic measurement effects affecting multiple items equally. Interviewer- and self-administered modes should only be combined with great care in mixed-mode surveys that focus on attitudinal constructs. Combining Paper and Web or Telephone and F2F are the viable options. Thereby choosing the self-administered modes appears more efficient, because these modes exhibited higher indicator reliabilities (smaller random error) than the interviewer modes.

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Year of publication2013
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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