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Title Moving answers with the GyroScale: Using the mobile device’s gyroscope for market research purposes
Year 2014
Access date 11.06.2014

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Relevance: Mobile research is largely discussed, but a lot of mobile approaches are asking questions in established forms - but on a smaller screen. A new approach of data collection integrating the measurement via a mobile device’s gyroscope is used to answer market research question with physical movements of the device.
Methods: A research team from HTW/HWR Berlin integrated the new approach of answering market research questionnaires on a mobile device using the gyroscope. Integrating this technology into a market research questionnaire gives the respondent the opportunity to literally „move“ the answer on a defined graphical scale. We call it “GyroScale”.
In a study with 662 respondents the GyroScale was integrated for the examination of the possible effects on data collection. An identical questionnaire with different graphical and gyroscaling support was used in the context of an Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).
The study made available three technologically different approaches of scaling which were integrated. Each group was confronted with the same Saaty scale in different technical appearances:
1. Classical representation of the scale on a desktop or laptop with an Ajax Slider
2. Representation on a Smartphone (iPhone and Android)
3. Representation on Tablet devices (iPad, Galaxy Tablet etc.)
Examined variables were:
- The overall result in comparison of the three different categories of devices
- Response Rate / Drop-Out
- Time needed to complete the interview (duration)
- Consistency of the answers (computation with Saaty algorithm).
Results: The results show no difference in the answering patterns created with the GyroScale. The Gyroscale seems to be as reliable as a standard slider and could therefore be integrated in the world of market research.
Added Value: Still thousands of on-line studies are conducted without taking into account the respondent’s time and effort to fill out a questionnaire. The GyroScale seems to be an interesting way to entertain the respondent while being interviewed. The presentation will point out the technical and methodical challenges while interviewing with the GyroScale.

Year of publication2014
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations