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Title Virtual Cognitive Interviewing Using Skype and Second Life
Year 2013
Access date 18.06.2014

This chapter presents a brief background on how cognitive interviewing developed and how it is commonly used today. It evaluates some new modes that facilitate the recruitment of participants and the interviewing process itself. A set of common best practices has developed across a range of organizations over the past 30 years. The chapter summarizes those practices, and describes how new technologies allow for an evolution of common practices to meet a changing (survey) world. Skype interviews produced more nuanced findings than the results obtained from Second Life interviews. That is, the ability to see the participant's real face, rather than their Second Life avatar, resulted in more observations of potential measurement errors in the form of question problems as well as nonverbal cues. However, Second Life interviews were slightly less likely to indicate participant disengagement.

Year of publication2013
Bibliographic typeBook section