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Title Second Life as a Survey Lab: Exploring the Randomized Response Technique in a Virtual Setting
Year 2013
Access date 18.06.2014

Second Life is an online virtual world that provides a three-dimensional (3-D) graphical, interactive environment. This environment represents (and often expands on) real life. Because Second Life content is completely user-generated, researchers can design and manipulate environments and avatars to test social interactions with a consistency that is not possible in the real world. This chapter describes the benefits of conducting research in Second Life and reports findings from the authors' own research in which we used Second Life to evaluate a method of asking survey questions, the randomized response technique (RRT). The chapter examines a different survey feature, independent of interviewer characteristics. It takes advantage of the highly customizable virtual world environment to provide a means for assessing the RRT, a tool for allowing a more private response to sensitive survey questions.

Year of publication2013
Bibliographic typeBook section