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Title World-Wide Web survey research made easy with WWW Survey Assistant
Year 1997
Database SpringerLink
Access date 27.06.2014
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WWW Survey Assistant is a utility that simplifies World-Wide Web (WWW, or Web) survey research by custom-creating an HTML (hypertext markup language) from document to present computerized questionnaires and tests, and custom-generating a sophisticated CGI (common gateway interface) program for accepting data the form. No CGI programming or HTML experience on the part of the user is necessary, thereby making advanced WWW survey research accessible to researches without such skills.
An important component of the ease of survey creation with WWW Survey Assistant is its on-line Web editors, which allow survey administrators to build and test their questionnaire over the Web by using their favorite graphical Web browser. This software announcement details features of WWW Survey Assistant that are specially designed for sophisticated survey research on the Web, and briefly explains the steps that one takes on line to create an interactive Web survey using this utility.

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Year of publication1997
Bibliographic typeJournal article