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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Examining the Impact of Mobile First and Responsive Web Design on Desktop and Mobile Respondents
Author Tharp, D.
Year 2015
Access date 09.07.2015

Mobile First and Responsive Web Design are two approaches that survey researchers can utilize to improve the experiences of smart phone users, who make up a growing proportion of web survey respondents. The Mobile First approach has a layout optimized for smart phones that also serves as the basis for the desktop design, while Responsive Web Design allows for more dynamic adjustments based on browser size. We conducted experiments with each design within the past year. Both experiments were attempts to better meet the needs and expectations of mobile respondents with designs that could also be employed for desktop respondents with minimal differences in layout. For each, a random sample of respondents was assigned to receive the experimental version of each survey, while other respondents were assigned to a more traditional, desktop-focused design. The Mobile First experiment was conducted first. Smart phone users who were assigned the Mobile First layout were less likely to break off, and had lower duration times than smart phone users assigned to the traditional design. They also gave the Mobile First design higher ratings in a short post-survey evaluation questionnaire. Desktop users, however, had longer duration times when completing the Mobile First design when compared to the traditional design. They also rated the Mobile First design lower on professional appearance, and commented on excessive need for scrolling. We found no significant differences in response distribution among the layout versions and devices. Our second experiment was designed to address these specific concerns of desktop while maintaining the positive benefits for smart phone users. When this additional experiment is completed, we will compare both designs, considering data quality, response rates, evaluation scores, cost, and development time.

Year of publication2015
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

Web survey bibliography - The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 70th Annual Conference, 2015 (35)