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Web Survey Bibliography

Title The effectiveness of incentives on recruitment and retention rates: an experiment in a web survey
Year 2015
Access date 17.07.2015

PPT (1,15MB)


The purpose of this paper is to examine which incentive level is related to long term participation of respondents, 3 years after the start of an experiment in the LISS panel. During the recruitment of a refreshment sample in 2011 a random half (~1000 households) of the sample was promised a higher monetary payment of 25 euros per hour for completing monthly questionnaires, the other half was promised the standard 15 euros an hour. We study the relation between incentive level and response during the recruitment process and the relation between hourly incentive level and long term participation and attrition.

Year of publication2015
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

Web survey bibliography - European survey research associaton conference 2015, ESRA, Reykjavik (36)