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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Reminder Effect and Data Usability on Web Questionnaire Survey for University Students
Source International Conference “New Perspectives in Education” (Editon 4)
Year 2016
Access date 13.03.2016
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Most universities around the world must be accredited in order to assure and enhance the quality of education. Japanese universities also are under accreditation by the government as well. They must undergo certified evaluation and accreditation periodically, which is conducted by organizations certified by the Japanese Minister of Education. Accreditation committees evaluate every university based on the Standards for Evaluation and Accreditation by reviewing the self - assessment reports. That is why it is important for universities to pursuit their advantages and to create high quality self - assessment report. To present some advantages in the report, the university staffs have to obtain the evidences demonstrating some effects or outcomes. Our university has the “Researcher Database System” in which all faculties can store their activities. But the system is not enough to prepare those assessments because there is no function to collect students’ comprehensive opinions for the education system of our university. So in order to conduct a student survey we adopted a web questionnaire system Lime survey®. The number of questions is about 80. Most questions were five - alternative or two - alternative and some are in descriptive style. The system is equipped with the “individual reminder function”. We succeeded to increase the number of answers this function in cooperation with faculties. Actually the response rate had become 36.5% finally, while general web questionnaire can obtain only 10%.

Year of publication2015
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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