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Title Safety First: Ensuring the Anonymity and Privacy of Iranian Panellists’ While Creating Iran’s First Online Panel
Year 2016
Access date 02.06.2016
With thousands of active panelists from across Iran, is the only online panel provider for the Iranian population, providing unprecedented and extensive CAWI capacity for researchers of the Iranian population. In line with ESOMAR/WAPOR guidelines, takes its responsibility to protect the privacy and personal information of its panel members very seriously. Specifically, the guidelines call for “researchers must ensure that adequate security measures are employed to prevent unauthorised access, manipulation and disclosure to the personal data, including any possible third parties.” To achieve this and en
sure safety of our panelists, has adopted a series of measures to give confidence to its Iranian panel members that their personal identity willnever be disclosed to any third party. The methodological paper will discuss in detail the methodological and technical we have undertaken to ensure this high standard. These measure extend from standard privacy protocols, to providing respondents with high-quality VPN services that to a degree prevents online fingerprinting by masking their exact whereabouts, browser and system details, and IP addresses when they partake in our survey.
Year of publication2016
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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