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Web Survey Bibliography

Title A Test of Web/PAPI Protocols and Incentives for the Residential Energy Consumption Survey
Year 2016
Access date 06.06.2016
The Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS), sponsored by EIA, collects data on householder behaviors and housing characteristics that affect current and long-term energy usage and cost. To build a more responsive and cost-effective data platform, EIA is considering moving the RECS from the current personal interview mode to a Web/PAPI mixed-mode survey design. This paper describes an experiment to test two incentive options and four data collection protocols arrayed in 2x4 factorial design. A national epsem sample of 9,650 households was selected and divided equally among the eight treatments. The two incentive treatments included a $5 prepaid incentive in the first questionnaire mailing but varied the promised incentive amount from $10 to $20 paid after the completed questionnaire is received. The four protocol treatments are: (a) CAWI (or Web only), (b) Choice (which gives respondents the simultaneous choice of responding by either PAPI or Web), (c) Choice+ (similar to the Choice protocol but adds a $10 bonus incentive if the respondent chooses to respond by Web) and (d) CAWI/PAPI (which initially offers the Web only option, but allows the choice of Web or PAPI in nonresponse follow-up invitations). The paper reports the results of the study including which data collection protocol/incentive structure combination provides the highest quality estimates based upon a total survey error analysis.
Year of publication2016
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations