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Title Assessing the Effects and Effectiveness of Attention-check Questions in Web Surveys: Evidence From a 14 Country Cross-national Survey Experiment
Year 2016
Access date 06.06.2016
The quality of survey responses in web surveys often leaves much to be desired. Respondents commonly engage in negative response behaviors and take shortcuts in the ideal response process that researchers would like them to follow when answering questions. The use of attention-check questions in web surveys has become one extremely popular method that has attempted to identify some of these inattentive or misbehaving respondents and exclude them from either analysis or further participation in the survey. In this study, we report the results of experimental interventions aimed at increasing respondent attention, commitment and thoughtfulness. Unlike the production survey context, the respondents that failed the attention-check or commitment questions were allowed to remain in the sample to evaluate how they influence the data. The effects of these interventions on data quality are assessed using outcome measures that include the quantity and quality of text generated in open-ended responses, response times to questions, socially desirable responding, and non-differentiation in responses. The data for this study were collected, using the Qualtrics web survey platform, from diverse populations of web survey respondents in 14 independently sampled countries. The results from this study will inform knowledge about the effectiveness of interventions aimed at improving the quality of responses in web surveys and will be of value to all researchers using this method.
Year of publication2016
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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