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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Embedding Survey Questions within Non-research Mobile Apps: A Method for Collecting High-quality Data from Smartphone Users?
Year 2016
Access date 09.06.2016
The rise of smartphone applications has provided survey researchers with new ways to enhance measurement. But app-based approaches to data collection typically require users to be willing to download and use a dedicated research app, which has consequences for nonresponse. The goal of this research is to describe and evaluate a technique that does not require downloading a special app. We present a strategy of embedding survey questions directly within non-research apps. The questions appear on a user’s screen (in the place where advertisements are typically displayed) while they use an app. We report a large-scale evaluation of an in-app survey in a gaming app. We examine the speed of responses (e.g., number of responses per day), participation rates, demographic characteristics of respondents, and data quality. Our measures of data quality include indicators of speeding (based on item timings) and rounded numerical responses to behavioral frequency questions. We will also examine the effects of different amounts of an in-app incentive (e.g., gold coins) that provide benefits in the game. The findings can help inform strategies to improve this emerging method.
Year of publication2016
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations