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Title Optimizing Self-response for the 2020 Census
Year 2016
Access date 09.06.2016
The decennial densus seeks to maximize household self-response rates to reduce costs and minimize the number of addresses requiring in-person followup. However there are many challenging factors, including declining survey response rates over time, distrust in government, an increasingly diverse and mobile population, and rapidly changing use of technology. After much research and testing we plan to implement new ways to optimize self-response. The 2020 Census will include several key methods to address these challenges and encourage households to self-respond. First, we plan to implement a customized communications and partnerships campaign to motivate people. Second, a tailored contact strategy of mailed invitation materials will be used, including mailing a paper questionnaire in the first mailing for some geographic areas with relatively lower Internet usage. We will offer an online self-response option that allows responses with and without a unique Census ID, to make it easy to respond anytime and anyplace. Multiple languages will be offered. Finally, Census Questionnaire Assistance will provide telephone help and collect interviews over the phone, and will also include web chat. Mixing modes and tailoring methodology will be core principles for the 2020 Census self-response.
Year of publication2016
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations