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Title Development of a Standard E-Mail Methodology: Results of an Experiment
Author Schaefer, D. R., Dillman, D. A.
Source Public Opinion Quarterly (POQ), 62, 3, pp. 378-397
Year 1998
Access date 12.06.2004

Review of past E-mail surveys indicates that a methodology to achieve consistently high response rates similar to those that can be obtained by traditional mail has not been developed. In addition, researchers have tended to use E-mail surveys only for populations with universal E-mail access. This study utilizes knowledge from past mail-survey research to develop an E-mail procedure. Further, an experiment is conducted to assess the potential for using a multimode strategy to obtain responses from individuals unreachable through E-mail. The multimode approach proved to be successful and techniques shown to be effective in standard mail surveys were also found to be appropriate for an E-mail survey.

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Year of publication1998
Bibliographic typeJournal article
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