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Title Making use of Internet interactivity to propose a dynamic presentation of web questionnaires
Source Quality and Quantity, pp. 1-16
Year 2016
Access date 24.04.2017
New methodologies that aim to collect data in innovative ways (e.g. big data) are putting pressure on the traditional surveys based on questionnaires. In order to obtain from respondents the necessary effort to provide high quality data, we propose to help respondents focusing on the tasks one at the time by using a dynamic presentation of web questionnaires combined with a timing control. This work explores a development strategy for such questionnaires. The results show an overall good survey experience, and some significant improvement of data quality. In particular, a much larger proportion of respondents followed properly specific instructions added to check that they were reading carefully. Therefore, it seems that these dynamic questionnaires could be considered for future data-collection.
Year of publication2016
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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