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Title Taking MARS Digital
Year 2015
Access date 25.04.2017
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In 2015 Kantar Media’s MARS Consumer Health Study implemented a new methodological approach, MARS 2.0, that took data collection online using a self-administered web-based interview and sample constructed using an online Consumer panel. The decision to evolve the study methodology stemmed from two forces:
  1. The market on which the study was built was based on supporting a number of blockbuster drugs with broad application and large campaigns employing largely traditional (print) media. There are fewer blockbuster drugs coming to market, and healthcare marketing is currently adopting a more targeted patient-centric model. The market requires more data on ever smaller condition-based segmentsand expanding online and point-of-care channels for communicating. In addition, an improved read on Hispanic populations including Spanish speakers was needed. The team had come to the limits of what a paper-based survey could supply.
  2. In terms of production, the team continued to observe declining response rates. Plus, the source for supplementary sample of households known to have members with medical conditions themselves had moved their data collection online. The team could no longer depend on a ready supply of targeted sample known to respond to paper-based surveys.
This paper will describe the MARS team’s process for the methodology’s evolution, but will focus primarily on two outstanding issues stemming from this transition: adjusting the online panel-based sample to better reflect the general population and producing audience estimations from publications’ digital platforms. 
Year of publication2015
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