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Title Development and Pilot Test of a Mobile Application for Field Data Collection
Year 2016
Access date 18.07.2017
Abstract Research institutions prioritize opportunities for undergraduates to conduct research. In fact, 81% of American undergraduates engage in research. Many students use their mobile devices to collect and compile data for research projects. Yet, they need practice and guidance in collecting, organizing, and analyzing data. While convenient, apps for mobile devices do not yet offer embedded guidance, research safeguards, or ways for groups of students to easily share, analyze, compile and search data. This session describes the pilot test to develop a new mobile application with these features for field data (video, images, audio, and notes) collection. Results will be presented from a pilot test of existing and proposed field data collection apps for a course requiring interview, survey, and self-assessment data. Prototype development process including real time online feedback will be presented and results will be discussed in light of best practices and instruction in data collection and analysis. Participants will receive access to resources to help them supervise novice researchers.
Year of publication2016
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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