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Title Analyzing Survey Characteristics, Participation, and Evaluation Across 186 Surveys in an Online Opt-In Panel in Spain
Source methods, data, analyses; 11, 2, pp. 135-162
Year 2017
Access date 20.07.2017
Abstract Survey designers often ask about the best length for their questionnaires and the best format for their questions. Much research has already addressed these issues. However, the answers to these questions may vary with the population of interest, the mode of data collection used, and other factors.
The goal of this paper is twofold:
1. To give an overview of the present situation in opt-in online panels, in terms of survey characteristics, participation, and evaluation, by reviewing 186 surveys managed by the panel company Netquest in Spain in 2016. This will be useful to determine areas where further research needs to focus.
2. To study how key characteristics of questionnaires impact survey evaluation and levels of survey break-off. This will allow us to highlight the characteristics that best reduce break-off and improve respondents’ survey evaluation.
Based on these results, we will propose practical recommendations for future survey design within the framework of opt-in online panels.
Year of publication2017
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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