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Title Adapting Labour Force Survey questions from interviewer-administered modes for web self-completion in a mixed-mode design
Source Statistical Journal of the IAOS; 31, 4, pp. 629-644
Year 2015
Access date 27.07.2017
Abstract The United Kingdom Office for National Statistics (ONS) is developing methods, processes and systems for online surveys. This paper describes our ongoing work to adapt Labour Force Survey (LFS) questions from face-to-face and telephone modes into web mode within a mixed mode design. Each step of the development process is detailed, comprising: Consideration of question design principles; Prioritisation of the LFS questions (approximately 600); Consideration of how to keep the questionnaire to a length acceptable to respondents; An expert review of the priority questions across several aspects to identify issues (for example, potential mode effects) and propose designs for the web versions; Collaborative workshops to discuss design issues and agree programming specifications; Cognitive/usability testing with members of the public to assess the effectiveness of the design and; Subsequent review of test findings and respecification of designs, in preparation for quantitative testing. We reflect on the positive and negative aspects of the process. We illustrate some design issues, how they were addressed and their latest program specifications. We consider the lessons from our work and developments externally, and conclude with discussion of future development plans and reconsideration of approach.
Year of publication2015
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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