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Title Comparison of Face-to-Face and Web Surveys on the Topic of Homosexual Rights
Source Journal of Homosexuality; 63, 6, pp. 838-854
Year 2016
Access date 22.08.2017
Abstract Although academic research on homosexuality relies heavily on survey data, there has been limited study of the survey method of asking relevant questions. This study examines the effect of survey mode on responses to questions about homosexual rights. We find significant mode effects among heterosexual respondents, who are more likely to support equal access to employment, military service, adoption, and marriage for homosexual people in face-to-face surveys than in Web surveys. They are also more likely to choose to not respond when face-to-face than online. Homosexual respondents do not show mode effects for either substantive responses or item nonresponse rate.
Year of publication2016
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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